Greggs, falafel, salad

There is no doubting it’s been a very hot end of May! The weather has been glorious and the heat has been intense. I’m hoping that the sun may stay for a while but I have a feeling that might have been our heatwave for the year… Anyhow, this warmer weather makes me crave light salads and juices more than anything for lunch. When it’s warm and sticky, there’s nothing better than a lovely, fresh salad. There are obviously lots of spots in town where you can take these away to eat at your desk (for workaholics) or outside (picnic time!)

So, I’ve done a bit of research into some top contenders to see which summer lunch I found to be the best. To keep it fair, I tried to pick a falafel / vegetarian based salad at each venue. I visited Pret, Marks & Spencer, Greggs, Starbucks and Boots. Here are the results!

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