Cherry blossom, spring, Stockholm

After months and months of looking forward to my holiday in Stockholm it finally came around and wow, it was amazing. I recommend everyone to visit this wonderful country if you haven’t already. I fell in love with the place from the moment the plane started its descent into Arlanda airport.  The colour palette of Sweden’s landscape is quite different from those of the UK and other European countries I have visited before. The Scandinavian scenes beneath were a stunning wash of navy blues and deep, forest greens. The land was dotted with crimson, dark orange and yellow buildings and sectioned up by large, winding rivers, and lakes.

The contrast in the air and the brightness of the light also was very apparent. Somehow it feels much cleaner and clearer than the UK. There is a clarity in the atmosphere that brings all of the lines, shapes and colours to life. I felt as thought I had just increased the prescription of my contact lenses!

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