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Weight loss is one of those things that can seem so over-complicated. There are so many diet books out there with wacky and wonderful diet plans, each choosing different food groups to cut out and avoid. Do you go low fat, full fat, cut out sugar, cut out meat, carb free, vegan, gluten free…. the list goes on and on and it can all a little bit overwhelming. Whilst attempting to lose weight I tried quite a few of these different strategies and never enjoyed any of them or found any long term success with them. They just weren’t sustainable and all in all a bit too complicated. They are all full of rules that lets face it, no one really wants to follow. It can be too easy to get fed up and sack it all in. For me, it is that feeling of having ‘failed’ a diet that is likely to make me go a little crazy and eat allll of the biscuits. I put on weight at university and my weight yo-yo ed around A LOT (something I will touch on in another post) but since graduating a year ago I lost 10 kg over a few months and have kept it off ever since.  I wanted to share the three things that I have found to be key to losing weight. And it doesn’t involve cutting anything out of your diet.

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