Florette salad, goats cheese, grilled pea hand avocado salad

Before I went to uni I had a super fast metabolism and never really had to watch what I ate. During this time, I would have turned my noes up at the idea of a salad. A plate full of veg and lettuce did nothing for my huge appetite and it was an area of cusine that I never really explored. Since discovering the concept of healthy eating, salads now play a huge part in my day to day life and I have realised that there is a lot more to them than just ‘veg and lettuce’.

The possibilities are endless. Some of my favourite things to use in salads are humous, beans and pulses, sweet potato, quinoa, feta, avocado… In fact this list could go on forever! I do love to experiment with different things though.

So, here is a little recipe that I recently tried and loved! It is a combination of grilled goats cheese, avocado and peaches with blueberries and balsamic. I love using fruit in a salad as they add some sweetness and feel incredibly summery!

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