Baker Days letterbox cake

I can’t quite believe it but last week marked my blog’s 6 month anniversary. Although What Sass Says was originally born a year ago, I posted only a few times throughout April before leaving it until October. Since then it has pretty much taken over my life. (I’m sure those of you that blog can relate!) 6 months later, I couldn’t be happier with the amazing experiences that I have had and the incredible people I have met, as a result of blogging – someone pass me the tissues!

Just a few days prior to the 6 month mark, a small package arrived through my letter box.  Hearing the thud as it dropped onto the door mat, I was apprehensive about the state of the cake… yes, this little package contained cake! A special delivery from Baker Days couldn’t really have come at a better time. I was worried that it would have completely fallen apart, being dropped from such a height but against all the odds it was in perfect condition. As much as I love cake, I wasn’t really feeling like doing a ‘Joey’ and taking my fork to the carpet…  (That was a ‘Friends’ reference if you didn’t get that…)

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