Notting hill, brunch, artisan bakery

I have been to London on numerous occasions, but never before had I been to Notting Hill.

I was aware that it was a very pretty place and it was on my London to-do list but I never realised just how incredible this little corner of London would be.

Distant from constant stream of iconic red buses down Oxford street and the non stop city life of the capital, lies Notting Hill.

Walking up the tube station stairs, I felt a million miles away from the huge expanse of the city that you can see¬†whilst standing on The Millennium Bridge. Notting Hill is a humble area that strikes me as being much more personable that the rest of London. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hustle and bustle of the city, but I didn’t feel so much like a tiny fish in a huge ocean here. Notting Hill has a very welcoming and inviting character and I was instantly drawn in to this little pocket of colour and human life.

The coloured houses and shops that line the street invite intrigue and curiosity and it feels as though there is so much to discover here.

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