Welcome to my blog where I write about food, fitness and travel. I love all three of these things so here is where I write about them, take photos and generally record them as they fit into my life. Food is one of my favourite things and I love to eat out as it normally means you are spending time with a loved one. I love the social aspect of food.

Food also plays a huge role in fitness. Although I eat out a lot, I also focus on eating well. Life is all about balence, you needs treats but you also need to eat well. It is vital to find this balence as this is what I find gives me good mental health. Keeping fit is also really important to me. I like to spend time each day either going to the gym, going for a run or being active in some way. Not only is it great for your physical health but again, mental health too. It definitely always puts me in a fantastic mood.

I love travelling. There are so many differnet cukturals, cities, countries, architectur, people, food and lifestyles to discover. I probabaly don’t post enough about travel but it is still someting I love writing about.

Manchester is home for me at the moment. I work in Marketing by day which I also love. It is a career where you can be creative and I feel very lucky have a job that I enjoy so much!

I have tried to make it easy to navigate around the site. There are different sections listed under the categories on the menu along the top. If there is anything you enjoy reading, or any photos you like do leave me a comment as they make my day and I love to hear what people think. 

Sass x

sarah bristow from whatsasssays.com in Barcelona, with green sunglasses and white sweater