The Body Coach, Cycle 1, Days 11 – 20

Hello! Here is a little update on how I’ve found days 11 – 21 of the 90 Day SSS plan Cycle 1. You can also read all about the first 10 days here if you would like. I paused the plan after the first 10 days for a week due to a cycle ride from London to Paris. I had good intentions but in all reality I wasn’t strict with my diet and indulged a lot! At the end of the day though I had the funnest week ever and I don’t regret a second of it – plus I needed extra carbs to refuel the cycling right? 🙂 Don’t worry, deep down  I know that this doesn’t out train a bad diet. Cheese, bread, wine and pastries occurred frequently but it was a lovely break. It was just what I needed after a busy summer at work.

Anyway, I didn’t let this stop me climbing straight back onto the health wagon when I returned. My first day back in work became Day 11, cycle 1 and I was completely back on plan. However, days 11 – 20 posed a few challenges for me in that my kitchen was under construction. This meant I had no oven or hob for the first couple of days. The oven was fixed quite quickly but I was without a hob for most of the duration of the 10 days! So, I set to work figuring out what exactly I could eat on the plan for cycle 1 without using a hob… and let me tell you there weren’t a whole lot of options.

I discovered that I could use the ingredients from the omelette and scrambled eggs recipes and combine these into muffin cases to create little cheesy egg muffins in the oven. I also made protein pancakes into muffins too which were absolutely divine. I bought microwavable broccoli and courgette for my greens which worked well – although this was a lot more expensive than buying it fresh and cooking on the hob! There are a few salads on the plan so I tried out the Kale and apple salad and thankfully loved it. This salad was delicious and became my go to for lunches. I had to buy the chicken separately from supermarkets but this was a quick and easy option for on the go.

cycle 1, egg muffins

joe wickes, apple and fennel salad, kale

I found rest day breakfast difficult because I don’t like having smoothies for meals. The omelette muffins worked over the weekend but they weren’t so nice the next day. I whipped up some of the reduced carb oatmeal in the microwave and hated it! However, I then experimented a little and made these in biscuits and they were lovely. I had these a couple of mornings which worked well.

reduced carb biscuits

I really did miss hot, warming evening meals though and actually craved the meal prep that I had struggled with during the first 10 days just because it would mean I could cook on the hob! It was a challenging time and I certainly learnt to experiment a bit. I am pretty pleased with myself for sticking to the plan so closely too. One evening though we got back so late and had no food in so ordered a Nandos. I had read on the body coach unofficial Facebook group that butterfly chicken (without skin), macho peas and slaw were pretty much ‘on plan’ so I ordered this and enjoyed every last ounce. It was such a relief to eat a warm meal!

nandso, on plan, cycle 1, joe wicks

It was Day 19 when the hob finally arrived and I couldn’t have been more excited. It was a Friday night and I literally went home and prepped all evening, and then all weekend… how sad am I! The huge meal below with all the pasta and extra cheese was for my boyfriend, I won’t want him going hungry!

prepping like a boss

Also, on the morning of Day 20, I went along to the new The Alchemist at Media City. Although I have stopped reviewing restaurants as regularly as usual since starting the plan, I decided I didn’t want to stop completely. I absolutely love trying out new places and so I said to myself if something exciting came up I would still review it. So, when I was asked to review the new Alchemist I couldn’t turn it down. I will write a whole other post about the venue but I had a great time. The food was delicious and the setting is just fabulous. The views over Salford Quays were beautiful! The building itself also is very striking and worth a visit. I tried my hardest to pick something as ‘on plan’ as possible and went for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with a little bit of toast on the side. In hindsight I probably should have picked a meal with less fats as I had just done a workout… Oh well!

Anyway, how have I actually found these 10 days? I have felt pretty good! Whilst the lack of cooking equipment was annoying, physically I wasn’t experiencing any sugar withdrawal symptoms at all. I feel as though my body had readjusted and no longer needed to use sugar as its main source of energy anymore. Whilst the first 10 days left me feeling exhausted and quite lethargic, this was gone. I also found myself pretty hungry during the first 10 days but this section of the cycle left me much more satisfied. Again I think this has something to do with my body being much more adjusted to eating more fats and proteins and less carbs.

One other thing I wanted to touch on was digestion. Something I have found really amazing in this cycle is the lack of bloating that I have experienced. Even eating lots of greens hasn’t affected me and I have felt really great. I guess this will affect everyone differently, but I feel like this combination of food works well with my body.

So here begins the last 10 days of Cycle 1 – and with the luxury of a hob! I’ll be sure to write an update on how the last third goes. In the mean time follow @mcr_food_bee on Instagram for daily updates and lots of food pics!

Protein pancake, cycle 1

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