Goodlife, vegetarian meals

Goodlife, veggie sausages

I am not a vegetarian and I am certainly not a vegan, however this does not stop me from enjoying a vegetarian/plant based diet quite a bit of the time. I often buy myself vegetarian sausages over pork ones. Not only are they a bit cheaper but they are also so much healthier for you. Did I mention they are also super yummy! I don’t like to think of so called ‘vegetarian foods’ as exclusive. They are such a great foods to have in your cupboard and freezer whatever your eating habits. Regardless of their lack of meat, they are very delicious, filing and full of goodness.

I have been trying out some of the products from Goodlife recently and am so excited to have discovered this brand. Their ethos places vegetables at the forefront of their products so literally everything is bursting with veggies! I never thoughts I would see french bean and spinach in a sausage but it works so well! Plus they are green and look very cool. Goodlife say ‘nobody puts veg in the corner’. How can you not love a brand that takes inspiration from Dirty Dancing?!

Goodlife, sausages

Goodlife, Kiev, grills, sausages

They offer a huge range of vegetarian sausages, kievs, grills, burgers and more. The variety of flavours is very impressive, I’m talking beetroot & feta sausages with roasted fennel, and tomato & mozerella with a hint of basil. They’re super easy to cook and can be stored in the freezer so last for ages. Most of the products take about 15-20 mins in the grill or oven to cook then you can pair them with all sorts. I have been trying to eat more greens recently so found kale and broccoli great partners. Sweet potato mash also goes brilliantly with the sausages. There are so many possibilities though. You could create a stacked burger with one of the bean burgers, toad in the hole, a falafel wrap… there are so many things! You can find inspiration for recipes on the website here.

Vegan, bean burger, goodlife

I cooked up some of the chickpea, cumin and coriander falafel and paired them with some hummus and kale. They went so well with the Mediterranean flavours. It’s amazing how well they tasted whilst keeping nice and healthy. I love going out for food but sometimes it is so nice to throw together a healthy, home cooked meal yourself.

Goodlife, falafel, kale, vegetarian

Goodlife, falafel, kale

You can find Goodlife products at Booths, Waitrose and Iceland. Ocado also stock them. This is how I got hold of mine and I was so impressed that you can select your delivery time for the evening! I’m never in my flat during the day so this was so handy.

So vegetarians, vegans (please do check which products are vegan), pescitarians and flexitarians, do take a look at what Goodlife have to offer. I can promise their foods are so flavorisome and filling and I’ll be stocking up my freezer!

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