The Best Pancakes in Manchester

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Pancake day is on the horizon. Although I eat pancakes all year round and don’t need any encouragement to indulge in them, Pancake Day is a great excuse. Manchester has some really good spots for brunch, pancakes included. However,  here are the top three places that I would recommend for the very best pancakes in Manchester.

Third Place: Sugar Junction

Sugar Junction, tucked away on Tib Street, is a gorgeous, cafe with a very authentic vintage theme. Everything from the furniture to the waitresses clothes has been inspired by the 1940s (I think?) It literally feels as though you have walked into an old fashioned living room. The vintage mismatched tables and chairs are really charming. They make for a great photo along with the patterned china tea cups and plates.

Sugar Junction has a variety of great food on their menu, their breakfast selection being one to tuck into (you can also get a great afternoon tea here by the way). Their pancakes though are amazing. Thick, fluffy and with no compromise on portion size these pancakes are so delicious and will always be my first pick from the menu. They come topped with bacon and maple syrup  and the sweet and salty flavours are just heavenly. I am a bit of maple syrup fiend so love that these are absolutely drowning in the stuff.

sugar junction, best pancakes, bacon, maple syrup

Second place: Evelyns.

Evelyns is probably one of my favourite breakfast / brunch spots in the Northern Quarter. I will never stop loving the green plants that adorn the restaurant, they sprout from the ceiling, on the walls, on the tables… they are everywhere!

There are lots of dishes to try on this menu but their buttermilk pancake dish is like no other you have every tasted before. They don’t look like normal pancakes either as the photos show. They are really light and fluffy and have the taste of crepes whilst being really lovely and blanket-like. Whilst your average pancakes can often be quite filling, the light and quite delicate texture of these pancakes makes them much less stogy… let’s just say I could eat a lot of these in one go!

The pancakes are dusted in icing sugar and then topped with honeycomb butter. This honeycomb butter is life changing and gives the pancakes the most delicious buttery flavour. They are also topped with bright purple blueberries to give a nice sweet finish. They are very very good and will change your whole perception of pancakes.

pancakes, evelyns, manchester northern quarter

And in first place… Moose Coffee!

For the biggest, fluffiest and most deliciously topped pancakes, Moose Coffee really is a no brainer. Located just down from the Arndale centre on York street, it doesn’t perhaps have the best location. This cafe though is a little foodie gem amongst the office blocks and buildings. Moose Coffee is essentially a Canadian diner and has a whole host of different things on the menu from potato hash, French toast and just about every egg based breakfast dish you could think of. The Moose American Pancakes though are what brings most people to the restaurant.

The pancakes are huge, fluffy and basically look incredible. Imagine the pancake version of the softest, most welcoming, huge bed you’ve ever seen! There are a few different options, you can keep it simple with just a topping of nutella, ice cream or blueberries. However, I would say that the best option is to go all out and order the Moose Apple & Homemade Salted Caramel Pancakes. This stack of three pancakes is covered with a delicious cinnamon spiced apple and a homemade salted caramel sauce. These two flavours go together incredibly as I am sure you can imagine. You also have a little jug of Canadian maple syrup to drizzle all over. These really are the best pancakes in Manchester. You can also take your leftovers home with you, which is fantastic seeing as thus dish is seriously big!

apple and cinnamon pancakes, maple syrup, the best pancakes


  1. missdanielleeex
    31st May 2017 / 9:05 pm

    I haven’t been to Sugar Junction for years! I’ve been a few times but only for lunches I think. I haven’t heard of Evelyns and Moose Café is amazing for pancakes! Will have to look for Evelyn’s next time I’m in the Northern Quarter for breakfast 🙂 Danielle || Miss Danielle

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