Gym wear that doesn’t cost a fortune

BoulderingIt has been about a year now that I have been going to the gym regularly and I constantly feel like I want to update my gym wardrobe. I keep spotting gorgeous gym wear but so many brands are so expensive and there’s just no way I can justify spending hundreds of pounds of beautiful leggings. However, recently I discovered M and M Direct where you can get great quality gym clothes in a variety of diffent brands for an amazing price.

I have also recently discovered bouldering at The Climbing Depot which is in Trafford in Manchester. It’s so much fun and a great activity to do with friends. It’s also a great alternative to the gym if that isn’t your thing or those you just want to try something new. You also get a good workout from it without that being the main focus like it is at the gym. It is so good for your upper body and core strength and my back, shoulders and arms already feel stronger. I really enjoy the technical challenge that climbing offers but also the mental one. It can be quite daunting climbing up a wall without anything strapping you on and a lot of your success is down to your mindset.

M and m direct gym leggings

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There are so many different types of challenges so you’re always trying something new. It’s made me want to get even stronger in the gym too. I’m looking to target my gym workouts specifically for getting stronger for climbing. It’s addictive!

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Anyway, I recently got some new Elle Sport workout clothes from M and M Direct and tried out my new leggings at the climbing centre. I absolutely love the design with the turquoise strip at the top and branding up the bottom of the leg. They were also super comfy which is just what you want for the gym and climbing. I wore the top to the gym the other day too. There is a built in sports bra which is so comfortable and supportive.

Elle sports gym leggings, gym wear

The best thing though about these gym clothes is how affordable they are. M and M Direct have some absolutely amazing bargains! Gym closes can be so so expensive. This is a gem of a shop if you’re looking for some workout clothes that don’t cost a fortune. The retail price for the leggings is £44.99 but cost just £12.99 on M andM Direct! It’s such a good savings. You can see the leggings here and the top here.

You can also find Under Armour, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok… the list goes on. So many great brands  can be found on M and M Direct so definitely check it out if you want to get some new gym clothes for a great price.



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