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Boost tea green tea

I am not a fan of green tea. As much as I would love to down 10 cups of this healthy drink a day and boost my metabolism to the max, I just cannot stomach it. For some reason it just makes me feel a bit headachy and nauseous. Eventually I stopped trying to like the stuff and resorted to sticking with peppermint or camomile tea. When the lovely team at T Plus got in contact asking if wanted to try their green tea at first I was ready to apologies and explain that I would have to turn it down but when I saw that they were flavoured I decided to give them a chance. Perhaps this flavoured green tea would revolutionise the taste for me and I might actually find a form of green tea that I can drink!

So, how did I find it?

On first receiving the tea, I was drawn to the gorgeous and brightly coloured packaging – always an important factor.

I tried the 4 different flavoured teas:

  • BOOST raspberry & pomegranate tea
  • DETOX apple & blackcurrent tea
  • IMMUNITEA orange & blueberry tea
  • MULTEA lemon & peach tea

This is a really lovely collection of flavours and I like that they are not just your usual combinations of fruit but a bit of thought had obviously gone into them. My worry was that they might be too fragrant but this really wasn’t the case. The flavours do come through and you can tell that they are there but you don’t get that overpowering, perfumey taste that I find so often accompanies fruit tea. Equally, the flavour is enough to mask the bitterness of the green tea taste. It is still there a bit – so you do know you are getting the goodness of green tea- but it is highly masked but the fruity flavours.

Result! A green tea I can actually drink, enjoy and reap the benefits of. Even better, each tea has its own unique benefits to fit a number of different situations. Like the names would suggest, the BOOST tea is great first thing in the morning for the extra bit of energy and the IMMUNITEA is great for when you’re feeling a little run down… and so on.

Overall I am really impressed with the product and pleased to have found something that I can incorporate into my lifestyle so that I don’t miss out on the goodness that green tea can provide.

Find out more about T Plus here.

Green tea flavour

Detox flavoured green tea

Multi tea and immunitea

Detox green tea


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