The Hotel Chocolat Cafe in Copenhagen

Hazelnut hot chocolate at hotel chocolat in Copenhagen

On a recent weekend trip to the beautiful Copenhagen, we found ourselves in the Hotel Chocolat cafe for breakfast. As an avid chocolate lover I was absolutely in my element. Soaking in the scents of cocoa whilst browsing the menu was mouth watering in itself. Nestled in a little street in the centre of the city, the cafe is a part of the shop too. This means you can gush over the delicious looking products on display on the shelves.

Entrance to hotel chocolat in Copenhagen

Hotel chocolat entrance in Copenhagen

The hot chocolate…

I went for the hazelnut hot chocolate complete with cocoa whipped cream and chocolate frosting. It looked magnificent and almost dessert like with the photogenic cream swirling up into a pleasing peak ready to be eaten from the spoon. To sum up drinking this hot chocolate in a nutshell, it was like sinking into a warm, cosy blanket of chocolatey heaven. The rich cocoa taste was sweetened by the delicious hazelnut flavour creating an indulgent concoction that was absolutely fabulous. One of my friends is a vegan so she was absolutely over the moon to discover that there was a vegan hot chocolate option for her. I don’t think I have ever seen her so happy as she curled up with her warm soya milk hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate and whipped cream with salted caramel brownie

To go with our drinks, we also tried a salted caramel brownie. Perhaps some would have found this double whammy of chocolate a little too much, but I loved it. The brownie was just as you would hope it to be, a little crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside… oh it was just lovely.

Salted caramel brownie at hotel chocolat

The staff at Hotel Chocolat were so friendly and helpful. After serving us and explaining which products were popular choices along with letting us taste the chocolate of the month, they gave us some useful tips for the rest of our stay in Copenhagen. All in all the experience was just so positive and enjoyable and somewhere that I would recommend to anyone who has a soft spot for chocolate. For information on how to find the shop/cafe if you’re in Copenhagen take a look at their website.

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